Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Such a Lovely Girl...

Singer, Ivy Love
An Interview with Singer & Bizness Womyn, Ivy Love
By Editor Xina Sy

"Sexy is the way you feel & the energy you exude when you are comfortable with yourself. I'm just comfortable with ME!"

Singer, reality-tv star, & bizness woman, Ivy Love does not consider her Self to be unconventional by any means! She believes she is just as natural as the next girl; just a little more FREE!  "I like to walk around naked. I like my skin to breathe. I am a nudist," proclaims the free-spirited singer-songwriter. "I also host swinger parties because I want others to feel free too," says Love about her chosen lifestyle as a Free Love Queen. 

My dialog with the very sizzling hot chica is as laid back as she is. Her vibe relaxes you & puts you at ease even through the pages of emails & instant messaging. Her answers to questions are straight forward & unassuming & you get the idea pretty quickly that there is absolutely nothing pretentious about this Sensual Diva. Ivy Love is as real as it gets & so are her philosophies on love, sex, bizness, & being body positive. What else would she be? She loves herself easily & effortlessly & without reservation...& she exudes that love through her music, her clothing line created by Mouth Watering Apparel, & through her very public persona; all unashamedly. You might not agree with her values...but somehow you just gotta love her!

XS: How do you define beauty?
LOVE: Beauty comes from within. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle enhances your beauty and the longevity of your beautiful life! I don't even wear make up, unless its for events or for a show because I feel make up is for the stage. What you see is what you get with me! I like being natural.
XS: You seem pretty comfortable with your body! What are your thoughts on being body-positive?
LOVE: Everyone in this world is made differently and that is what makes us unique and special. I believe when you are healthy and live a healthy lifestyle your body will look great. At any size! I will have models of varying sizes in my fashion shows, because I feel all women should be able to wear lingerie and feel comfortable and sexy. True beauty comes from the inside and radiates outward, regardless of size. Read more on Love under pic -->

Ivy Love's Clothing Designs Released Under Mouth Watering Apparel
XS: How did you get the idea to start your clothing line with Mouth Watering Apparel?
LOVE: First of all Mouthwatering Apparel came to me after seeing my music video and asked me if they could make me some Ivy Love gear. They said, "Nothing is more mouthwatering than Ivy love!" Thank you very much!! They claimed they could custom design anything that I wanted to wear and make it for my people to wear! I first asked them to make shirts for my guys that said "Ballin w\ Ivy Love"  because my main following is males from 18-34. The rest just evolved into a line.
XS: How did the lingerie line come into play?
LOVE: I am a nudist and enjoy being free. But I also like clothes that make me feel sexy. So, I was then able to go in to the shop and custom design my own lingerie line with the designer. I wanted to make lingerie that is comfortable to wear and something you can wear in the privacy of your home and also out and about if you like... I only have two of the designs from them as of now!! But is will be out soon!

XS: What about your music? How did you get started? 
LOVE:   I first started singing when I was a little girl with a deodorant  stick in front of the mirror when I was 3 years old. A great teacher of mine made me learn opera in highschool and I also learned to sing in German, French and Italian. I have been making Ivy Love Music for 2 years and I love it. I am a performer and have an excellent message to give to the world. What motivates my music is the power to be able to influence the masses through song... with a great message of peace, love, and acceptance...

For more information on Ivy Love, her music, & her clothing line, be sure to log onto: www.ivylovemusic.com & www.mouthwateringapparel.com hit her up on twitter at www.twitter.com/ivyloves . Click link to check out her latest video, for her latest single, Meeting of The Minds.

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