Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feng Shui 4 A Beautiful Life

How the Art of Feng Shui Can Improve Your Life

by Contributor, Allison Carrie Moss

As we move towards a new year, it is a perfect time to pursue your passions and create positive change! Are you ready to move forward and become the best YOU that you can be? There is a powerful tool available to you right now, at this moment, "The Art of Feng Shui!"

Your environment can create positive or negative experiences in your life. Knowing how to create the best surroundings possible, can go a long way toward supporting the changes that you desire to make, and move you forward toward realizing your dreams.

"To Change Your Life, Move 27 Things in Your Home."
~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

Feng Shui is the powerful ancient Chinese "Art of Placement."  The beautiful thing about Feng Shui is that it WORKS for everyone without challenging any belief system or cultural practice. Working with colors, design cures and even clutter clearing will move you forward toward your goals and desires in powerful ways. Yes, it can be as simple as moving 27 things in your home!

Each and every living and nonliving thing on earth has its own energy flow, no matter how subtle. Harnessing this natural energy, or Ch’i, and directing it in balanced ways throughout your home, is the key to bringing harmonious change into your life.

Ch’i follows a natural path through each and every home, building, structure or property. The Ba Gu’a map is the Feng Shui tool utilized to discover where each life area falls within a building. The actual front door of a structure is the “mouth of Ch’i”, where all energy enters. The door is the Career life area on the Ba Gu’a map and is aligned with the front wall of a building.

As Ch’i flows into and through an environment on its natural path, it can become blocked, stagnant or hindered by items that are sitting or stored in its way. The key to Feng Shui is to create an open path for this energy to flow, boosting your life areas along its way.

Allowing your environment to support your life can create powerful positive change in many ways. A few examples are: Improved relationships, better career opportunities, positive financial gains, better health, and even a deeper sense of self-awareness!

 Taking a few small steps:
(Remember the 27 things!)

Your Feng Shui journey can begin by taking a few small steps to create supportive energy in your home. Do you desire to generate a positive flow in your finances? Begin at the front door! Take a look at your entrance way with “new eyes.” Walking by the same things day in and day out can cause them to become nearly invisible. Take notice of the outside path leading to your front door. Is it clear, welcoming and well lit at night? Is your house number clearly visible from the road? As the front door is the entrance for energy entering your home it is vital to welcome it in, just as you would welcome a family member or guest. Define your entrance well and jump start your Ch’i flow. If you have a garage or side door that you use to enter and exit, bypassing your front door all together, make certain to take the time to pass through your FRONT entrance a few times per week. This ONE change can generate huge results!

Once you enter the front door, walk through your home as if you were a flowing breeze. Just wander along the natural path and see what you notice. Do obstacles jump out at you? Do you have to maneuver around things or squeeze through a door that won’t quite open all of the way due to too much “stuff?” Relocate anything you find along your path, which hinders your progress.

As you move through on your walk, pause as you reach the left rear corner of your home. This is your Wealth and Prosperity area! Note any clutter, take stock of the actual rooms and their uses, as well as the colors which surround you. For ANY area of your home, these will be the first steps to follow on your journey. Clear any clutter, make the most of the space within and add the colors which correspond to the life area you desire to improve. For Wealth and Prosperity, add decor in the colors of Blues, Reds and Purples. It can be THAT simple!

By the time you do your walk, move a few obstacles and add a few decorative items you will have easily moved 27 things! It is so simple and so powerful to create positive change!

The Art of Feng Shui is an amazing tool available to you right now, at THIS moment! Creating an environment which not only supports you physically, but also emotionally, spiritually and financially is an empowering accomplishment! Make 2013 the best year ever, by beginning your Feng Shui Experience one small step at a time!~

Allison Moss is the founder of A Feng Shui Experience, a writer, public speaker and creative spirit. Her philosophy is one of positive attitude and positive energy. Once a person believes that they can create new experiences in their lives, through positive attitude and focus, amazing things quickly take place! Her own personal journey has helped to create the powerful tools she shares. Her Feng Shui practice, A Feng Shui Experience, fuses Eastern Philosophy with Western Culture in an exciting and unique way. Creating environments which support the goals and dreams of those within, while nurturing personal empowerment, defines the focus of Allison's work. Allison resides near the mountains of Greenville, S.C. with her amazing husband, beautiful children and extremely entertaining pets. For more on her work  click & visit: The Feng Shui Experience on Face Book 

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