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Ebracing Your Own Beauty! Be sure to check out this amazing interview with Inga Ambrosia of Ambrosia Coaching & Xina Sy, as they talk about tapping into your own internal beauty to become more confident; inside & out! Click & Listen
Be Empowered with Dr. Empowerment & Xina Sy talking about positive body image, loving your whole self & being fully empowered to live life to the fullest. Listen in as they chat about how negative thinking & negative self talk diminish our possibilities for success! Click & Listen

On This Episode Of The Beautiful Butterfly Show, Host Bianca Fly was joined by Xina Sy to Discuss Coming Into Our Beauty. In today's time there is so much influence put on the way you look, the way your dress, your skin tone, if you are petite, average size, plus size. When will we finally learn to love all of who we are? Click & Listen

Click & Listen to a lively chat with Kertrina Dauway on YCLA (You Can Live Again Magazine) radio as she interviews body activist, Xina Sy. The two speaks candidly about the media's effects on body image for women & girls & Being Fearfully & Wonderfully Made!  Click & Listen

Palm Beach Daily News Lifestyle Page featured BBB Editor & Fitness Expert, Xina Sy in this article, Can You Be Fat & Fit which focuses on defusing the myths that fat equals unhealthy. Sy, mother of three girls ages 11 to 17, fell into the beauty trap at a young age. She spent years trying to become the woman she never could -- a size 2 voluptu-waif with those laughable 38-22-36 measurements that only the likes of Barbie could boast. Click & Read

In this article, Can Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals In A Health Club, published on Lifetime Fitness 4 Men, Xina Sy & other fitness & body experts share wisdom on the pros & cons of being part of co-ed fitness facility & debunk the myths of "user-friendly" facilities. The purpose of this article is to help you understand that HOW you exercise is critical to your overall physical fitness. In other words, just being on a fitness program will not turn you into Wonder Woman. But being on the RIGHT fitnessprogram will. Click & Read

Press Releases On Being Body Positive:

Seven Day Mental Diet Reprograms Women Towards Better Body Image, Atlanta, GA Expert Xina Sy teaches women that losing weight and keeping it off is an inside job for permanent results. Speaker, teacher, motivator and size activist gives a no nonsense approach in new audio program.

Announcing Innovative and Life Changing Self-Esteem Program for Young Women  ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) Empowerment specialist and creator of The Big, Bold, Beautiful Blog, Xina Sy, announces her innovative program Syze Esteem for Girlz: How to Make Good Choices for a Great Life. Ideal for girls ages 12 to 17, this guide to self-esteem assists young women to find their own voices to make better, more informed choices that enhance their quality of life.