Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hippy & Healthy

Model, Teslyn Butler
Continued Dialog with Model Teslyn Butler & Editor Xina Sy

Hippy & Healthy is her motto, but its more than that & it is obvious in her style & in her own life. Model, Teslyn Butler is doing more than talking about health & empowerment for women & young girls; she is living it! In her work as a model, through working with The Girl Scouts, & through her own organization; her life theme is beauty & wellness. I had the opportunity to chat it up with her recently as we shared on everything from the pros and cons of the plus size modeling industry to love & relationships. This is part two of that dialog...

XS: So, tell us more about your .com Hippy & Healthy?
TB: Hippy & Healthy is about helping women & girls feel good about the bodies they have! It is about improved self-esteem, but its also about being healthy. Vibrant beauty only comes from good health & good health happens when we really love ourselves.
XS: What types of projects or programs does Hippy & Healthy offer?
TB: We address self esteem issues through multi-media efforts by providing reading materials, web videos, & radio segments; all offering information & advice on health & beauty related topics that concern women & girls.
XS: We have talked a lot about your work! What about your personal life? How do you feel positive body image effects & impacts love & relationships?
TB: I believe that you've got to be secure in who you are to be fully available to be involved with someone else! Confidence is the most attractive thing to me. My current Love Interest loves my confidence, but sometimes I feel my beauty is taken for granted! Don't get me wrong! I don't need anybody to boost my ego...but I also enjoy hearing, "You're beautiful." I think because of the industry that I'm in, men sometimes take for granted that I hear that all the time. Yes, but its nice to hear it from the one you love too!

"I believe that you've got to be secure in who you are to be fully available to be involved with someone else! Confidence is the most attractive thing to me." 

XS: Teslyn, what's next for you? What's on the horizon of your career? Personal goals?
TB: Wow! There are so many wonderful opportunities available to me right now! My career is going well. I have really been blessed in this industry. I have met so many great people & been given a lot of good work! What's next? All the goodness that comes with being truly happy with where you are in life! I am Hippy & Healthy & truly Happy!

The southern belle...born in Monticello, Arkansas booked her first modeling gig on her own at the tender age of 13.  Teslyn is currently signed with Status Model Management and has appeared on NBC, WCIU, and Sylistic Hair & Beauty TV just to name a few.  
Teslyn is a passionate, driven, and ambitious plus model, with an extraordinary zeal for her craft. But, she's not only a pretty face,Teslyn has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology she will continue her education by pursuing her doctoral degree, while still modeling. Teslyn will use her education to specialize in body image and eating disorders. For more info on her work & her career visit: &

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  1. Saludos, Xina Sy and Teslyn!

    I so enjoyed reading this dialogue, as Teslyn is not only a gorgeous face but also an intelligent, inspired and incredible young woman. Her comment about being confident in who you are before you can be fully involved with another is indeed true.

    Continue to shine and be role models in the world, Ms. Butler and Ms. Sy!!!

    Paz, amor y bendiciones,