Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Beauty of a Song...

Singer, Laurnea
Profile of a Songstress, Laurnea, By Editor,
Xina Sy

"Beauty is a lot of things! Butterflies, baby's eyes, a day in the sun, loving someone..."

...This taken directly from the lyrics of one of her songs, is an accurate depiction of Singer, songwriter, Laurnea. Her personal & professional style is gently consistent with the entertainment & personal brand of who she really is. She is beauty! Her natural, low hair cut, which she wears proudly, defines her ethnicity & cultural heritage. Her small, petite frame is an inadequate representation of the big, bold, powerful presence she exudes. The silky, sultry sound of her voice, with its melodic message, opens your heart & mind & relaxes your being & leaves you wanting more!

She is currently working on her 6th CD & allotted some time to The BBB! to talk about music, beauty, & positive body & self image...

The BBB: How did you get started singing?
Laurnea: I started singing in church like a lot of black folks did. At the age of 10 was my first solo and every Sunday after that some time during the service the pastor would say, "I just wanna hear that little Laurnea sing LORD KEEP ME DAY BY DAY!"
The BBB: How do you feel music soothes the soul & plays into positive body & self image?
Laurnea: Music is universal and understood by many all over the world!  I am hoping my music is for healing or to make someone feel better about life. I try to write songs that make you think and feel that life is positive and that you can accomplish what ever it is you go after!  I live without fear of anything!
The BBB: How do you define real beauty?
Laurnea:Beauty is a lot of things!  A quote from one of my songs says, "...butterflies , baby's  eyes, a day  in the sun, loving someone... kind words, sweet harmonic tunes, the smell of your clothes, on the beach, singing a song, honesty of what you feel, that little dress when I was 3, Mommas chest( when she is no longer around to hug),.. Being able to live here and love here is beauty!"

The BBB: What are your thoughts on positive body image?
Laurnea: I think it is most important to keep yourself healthy a fit and eat well in order for your natural inner beauty to shine. I have been a Vegan for 30 years and  believe whole heartily,  "...You are what you eat and think,  so be so very careful what you put in your mouth and what you feed your mind!"

The BBB: What are you currently working on & where are you going next?
Laurnea: I AM WORKING ON MY 6TH CD WHICH WILL BE FINISHED IN A FEW WEEKS!!! It is a house /dance CD that I am really excited about! Then in a few months, after that project, I will release another project ( neo soul genre) and I'm just gonna hit um hard! I think I am well overdue for a new project here in the states. My next stop is overseas to Germany to do a musical in July, but I am also working in film and T.V.
The BBB: What impact do you want your music to have as a whole?
Laurnea:  Just to spread love through song for healing and make someone happy. Just like in my song Happy: it says... "THE REASON WHY I SING IS CAUSE I FEELING HAPPY. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL..."

For more info on Laurnea & her musicology, visit: www.reverbnation.com/laurnea, or check her out on www.myspace,com/laurnea. 
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  1. Thanks I had never heard of her gonna look into her. And of course I loove her look.