Friday, May 20, 2011

My Sensual Self

Photo by Pieter Seinen
By Xina Sy

"Being sensual is simply a by-product of loving my whole self; spirit, mind, & body!"

I love to dance...I love the way my body moves to beats & drums & rhythms; the way music makes me feel. Dance & movement is just one of the ways to implement sensuality into our worlds. There are many things that we can do & many more ways that we can be...but truly being sensual requires being fully accepting & loving of our whole selves. 
     During The BBB TeleTalk Series: Explore The Sensual Side of You, we discussed some of the ways that we can begin to implement more sensuality into our lives. Fiona Zedde, author of 6 very sexy novels, chimed in with tips on how sensuality contributes to her creativity. Dr. Tonya K. Freeman, author & editor of Awakening The Diva Within Blog, shared with us about adding color & fragrances to our lives to create an amazingly sensual space. I spoke on utilizing sensuality to attract clients & promote our businesses through the power & use of sensual words, colors, & descriptions. In continuing in our efforts to give our readers more tips on sensuality & to encourage further self-exploration, we wanted to give you a few amazing resources to assist you on your journey...Enjoy! Click to Listen to Q & A of that Call Now--->

 Indulging in Dangerous Pleasures:
Mayson and Renee are best friends. Two women who’ve known each other for a lifetime and are as close as they are different. Mayson is a free-spirited lesbian and very much wanted by the ladies in and around her hot Southern California community. Renee, straight and seemingly innocent, is a woman just getting out of a painful divorce and looking for an escape from that pain. While Mayson slips in and out of affairs, taking pleasure where it bites the sweetest, Renee steps into a dangerous game of anonymous sex-by-dark that transports her to places she’d never dreamed. But the worlds of these best friends are heading for a dramatic collision. At the end of it all, will they or their friendship remain standing? Click 2 Read Excerpt & then Click 2 Buy The Book!

Finding Bliss
From the outside, Bliss Sinclair's life seems very glamorous—a high profile job with a publishing house, a fashionable boyfriend who looks good on her arm, and ultra-chic parties where the come-ons are as hot and thrilling at night as they are empty as an air-kiss greeting the next day. It's a world Sinclair moves blindly through, all the while craving more. And she finds it in the most unlikely of places.
Embarking on a series of carnal adventures with a notorious bad girl as her guide and playmate, Sinclair opens herself to every new experience and every taboo. In abandoned warehouses, private fetish clubs, even her own office, Sinclair is skating on the thin ice of desire—until her world comes crashing in.
Now, broken and abandoned, Sinclair decides to spend a summer in her birthplace, Jamaica, where she hopes to reconcile with her estranged father and rediscover herself. There, in a land of lush ripeness, Sinclair will discover what she didn't know she was missing. It's a journey that will awaken every one of her senses and take her to the edge of known pleasure and far beyond it, to a love that is as sexy as it gets, and more surprising than even she can imagine. This is her journey to total bliss. Click 2 Read Excerpt & then Click 2 Buy The Book!

A Taste of Sin:

Desiree Nichols is no stranger to heartbreak, but when her hot, young boyfriend abandons her after two years of being together, Dez's foundations begin to crumble. To make matters worse, a family crisis is calling her home to face the people she left behind, the ones who never accepted her as anything but trouble. Fine. If that's how they see her, she'll rise to the occasion. Miami's hot, sultry nightlife offers plenty of opportunities for a girl to drown her disappointments, and Dez wastes no time hooking up with her old friends. Together, she and her girlfriends prowl the town, attending private parties where every fantasy can be fulfilled, every desire satisfied with no strings attached. The last thing on Dez's mind is finding bliss in the arms of a seductive new partner who couldn't be more different from her ex—and who awakens in her a hunger she tries to deny. But that's exactly what happens.
Now, in clandestine couplings at four-star restaurants, sizzling explorations in downtown sex clubs, and private romantic dinners where sensual boundaries are pushed and hearts are laid bare, two lovers will awaken in each other an intense, soul-deep passion that could change their lives forever. Click 2 Read Excerpt & then Click 2 Buy The Book!

Make a Shift to Bliss:

Shift To Bliss: Dancing Meditations and Visualizations takes you on a journey of self awareness where you are encouraged and inspired to feel into your True Essence - by feeding and fueling yourself with loving vibrations daily...

By taking a few minutes as often as possible, daily is preferred, you will notice how easily you can shift your perspective of yourself, your relationship with others and how you see life. The more you tune into the right frequency, your Soul Song, you begin to shift your consciousness to new heights and depths.

Sometimes it might seems as if you are taking to long to arrive at your destination. That usually stems from trying to fit into the box of expectations that you allow society, friends and family to place upon you. Click 2 Learn More  & then Click 2 Buy The CD!


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