Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Lady with Whole-Life Swag

A Conversation w/ Author & Lifestyle Coach, Chloe Taylor-Brown by Assistant Editor, Dee Thompson 

When author and personal excellence coach Chloé Taylor Brown walks into a room, the energy shifts. Tall and elegant, cool even on a 95 degree day, she carries an aura of class, but there’s more to her than that. Much, much more...
We met for our interview at a local Barnes & Noble, and I was sitting in the coffee area keeping an eye on the door when Chloé walked in. She introduced herself and immediately I knew I was in the presence of a Lady [capital L]. She spotted a clerk in the store that she knew, a young college girl, and gave her a warm hug and chatted with her for a few minutes before our interview.  When our interview was over, she sought her out again.  A former model married to a professional basketball player, Chloé has every reason in the world to be a snob, but she’s not. Warm and engaging, she’s just the opposite of that.
Chloé Taylor Brown is not a magician, but she’s in the business of changing lives. “When people come to see me their energy shifts. Their lives are transformed,” she explains.
She calls herself a Lifestyle Enhancement Specialist. She helps professional women enhance their careers. She helps young women create their careers.  Most recently, she has started the Global Girls Initiative, to help young girls learn their value and become the people they were meant to be. “I’m an advocate. I have been called to inspire, encourage, and equip girls and young ladies to live the lives of their dreams.” After spending time with her, I am confident she has an amazing ability to do just that.
Chloé’s life didn’t start out as one of wealth or privilege. Born in rural Mississippi, she was one of eight children. Her mother died when she was 13 years old, and she went to live with her grandmother. She had a tough time emotionally and struggled with self-esteem, until she went to live with her aunt Anita at age 16. Her aunt became her role model, and inspired her to pursue a college education, a modeling career, and other important goals.
Transform-ed from a tall, gawky teen to a poised young lady, Chloé reinvented herself and developed a system to coach others.  
Chloé Taylor Brown’s glamorous modeling career and marriage to NBA star Rick Brown didn’t shield her from more tragedy, though. Her young son Justin, age 3, drowned in 1996. Chloé pursued help for herself and her other children and husband from various therapists. What she found was that after therapy, nobody felt better. In fact they felt worse. “Many therapists process the problems, over and over again. How does that make you feel?” she reasoned.  Her 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son finally asked her and their dad to discontinue therapy. Real healing took place when she realized that the tools for healing were already inside her and her family. She seeks healing for everyone.
Chloé is justifiably proud of her Global Girl Initiative, founded in 2008, and her new book, Girl-Swag: The Platinum Guide to Personal Development for Girls & Ladies, a workbook for teenage girls to discover their authentic selves. “When the girls finish the processes in the workbook they are close to self-actualization.”  She feels the book is more than just a tool, though. “It’s going to transform many, many lives,” she explains.
I asked Chloé to define the word “lady.” It’s a word often misused, sometimes even maligned. “My definition of a lady starts with understanding your self-worth. When you know who you are, you have a special glow about yourself. You want to take care of yourself. You speak highly about yourself.”
Chloé Taylor Brown personifies those words, and she is on a mission to transform females of all ages into true Ladies.~
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