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A Conversation w/ Author, Mercedes Warrick

By Assistant Editor
Dee Thompson

“Love transforms, transcends and transmutes all...
everything!” ~ Mercedes Warrick

Mercedes Warrick, businesswoman, intuitive, and author of the book The Soul Inspired Tune Up, has a passion in life for helping people help themselves. “Every soul has its own journey,” she was told when she was growing up. Those are words she lives by today, as she helps others on their journeys to personal and professional fulfillment.

Mercedes’ journey began in Canada. College brought her to Nevada, and she ultimately settled in Las Vegas, where her husband worked. After finishing school, Mercedes became a successful marketing professional, and she thought life was OK, until one fateful day several years ago...

Mercedes was at home, and thieves invaded her home, tied her up, and robbed her at gunpoint. That traumatic incident started her most recent journey. “When I was on the floor being robbed, I took three deep breaths and surrendered,” she explains. “I went to a place of peace. The energy in that space changed. The robbers asked me if I could breathe, if my hands were tied too tight.” When she later told the police about the transformation, they were shocked. Mercedes knew, however, that the terrifying experience had been a turning point in her life.  She took time off to regroup, and in the process found herself changing her entire way of thinking. She became convinced that “Love transforms, transcends and transmute all, everything!”

One person at a time was not enough, and Mercedes found herself writing the book The Soul Inspired Tune Up, a process she found deeply satisfying and healing. She is an intuitive, a person who relies on information she believes comes directly from God. She clarifies, “I am just God's ink pen. I have to incorporate these spiritual musings into my life as well and I am human!” She starts each day with a conversation with God.  Peace is the ultimate goal. “When you get to that place of peace, you can conquer the world. Peace is the steady calm. When you are totally immersed in your personal peace, an incredible envelope of peace, that is when you begin to design an authentic life."

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She also feels that success is a sacred right we all have.

How does one achieve success? Is it money, possessions or fame? Not necessarily. After she was robbed, Mercedes spent a lot of time suffering from the aftereffects of the trauma. Success for her became about small steps back to normalcy, such as getting out of bed every day and facing life. She kept learning and growing, even while going through a bad divorce.

“The first step is to release anything between you and the Source. Negativity, fear, lack, worry, doubt – those all come between you and the Source. When you release those it creates a space. The universe abhors a vacuum, and the space can be filled up again with Love. You can choose to live the path of Love.”  Love is an energy source.

Breathing intentionally is a cornerstone of Mercedes’ belief system, and she can teach people how to improve their breathing, and that in turn can improve one’s life.  “There are nine breaths for conscious living, and I talk about this in my book. You take three breaths to connect to the earth, three to connect to the right to claim your place in humanity, and three to claim yourself in the universal world of higher thought, to align your relationship with a higher source greater good, higher power.”

That is only the beginning of the breathing process. There are other techniques she teaches individual clients. What is the ultimate goal? She doesn’t want clients to have to keep consulting with her the rest of their lives. She gives them tools to help themselves to be in a better place. Many of her clients are in crisis mode – foreclosures of homes, divorce, loss of money. These are the very serious issues with many of her clients.

The national economic downturn has hit Las Vegas especially hard. However, Mercedes feels that redirecting conscious energy towards inner strength works in outward ways, too.  A huge issue she sees with many people is that they are controlled by their fears. “People don’t like to admit they are afraid, so they can’t heal.” She helps them to realize that it is okay to say "I am afraid, today." The Soul Inspired Tune Up then allows them to release and move towards infusing a more positive energy into their thinking and activities. Mercedes tries to get clients to believe, as she believes,  that “Success is my sacred right. I am success.”

I asked Mercedes if one had to believe in the soul tune up she discusses in her book, and her answer surprised me – no. “You don’t have to believe to do the tune up. What you do have to believe is:

1) You have to show up – in other words, take 5 minutes to simply be present in your day.
2) You have to believe in a higher Source – whether it’s God, Buddha, Allah, the Universe, etc.

For Mercedes Warrick, achieving success is a spiritual goal that impacts one’s business and professional life, and all other aspects of life. Finding and eliminating fears and coming to a place of peace are the most important tasks we face today! And, according to Mercedes Warrick, we should face it bravely!~

Mercedes Warrick is a spiritual intuitive with a business background. This combination of spiritual wisdom and pragmatic intelligence has guided people through the changes they have wanted to make in both their business and their lives. She leads people through a process of connecting with their Divine Guidance called, The Soul Inspired Tune Up. Mercedes’ soul level intuition began to emerge as she recovered from a 2005 home invasion. Her work has aligned and centered people through prayer, meditation, breath and energy healing. Her main focus is to IN-Power people to have direct and spiritual conversations with their higher Self and their Higher Source. <Click & Learn More About Her & Her Work Here!>

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