Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Know Who I Am

By Michelle Williams
Edited by Asst. Editor,
Dee Thompson

"I started another relationship to get away from the abusiveness of that man, only to be abused again."

My name is Michelle Williams, and I am a Gospel singer, author, wife and mother. My story is one of triumph over terror and abuse, to my present state of grace and faith.

I am blessed to be a mother to 6 girls and 1 boy, and a grandmother of 2. My husband is my manager and biggest supporter. We travel the country singing and telling the goodness of Jesus. I have endured very difficult times in my life, but I have come through the storms and learned to value myself and love the God-given talents I have.

For the first twenty years of my life, though, I could not see beyond the darkness of despair and abuse.

I was born and raised in Kingston, NY.  At the tender age of 5 I was sexually molested. When I was 14 I was punched in the face by my very abusive alcoholic father. I watched a young man get beaten to death when I was 15. I had a nervous breakdown at the age of 20. I had 3 children by the time I was 21. My first three children were fathered by a crack head that sold everything in the house except for the ice trays. I left that relationship, and 8 months later he came back and raped me at knife point. I lived in constant fear after that, unable to sleep in the house without first looking under every bed, locking every door, and peeking behind shower curtains to make sure that we were safe.

I started another relationship to get away from the abusiveness of that man, only to be abused again. I felt so lost. I tried to commit suicide because I thought, ‘it’s got to be better than this.’
After nine long years, I finally got out of that second abusive relationship and I said No More. I committed my life to Christ and I started working on myself. I had very low self esteem. With my new faith in Christ, I began to see that I was worthy of love, worthy of a decent life.

I finally took charge of my life. Once I started to realize my value and reclaim my life, I became a better parent. I knew I didn’t want my children to be raised in an abusive home. I was determined that they would live in peace, and not suffer as I had. I wanted my children to be raised with love, strength of character, and confidence. I wanted them to know the love of Christ, and to value themselves and love themselves.

I also prayed and asked God for the precious gift of a loving husband, and he sent him to me. God’s abundant blessings exceeded all I could ever ask. Now I am the proud wife of a man who respects and loves me.

I am also now the author of the book No Body Ever Told Me, which deals with the hurt of those early years, and the healing I found. It also illuminates how to break free of the cycle of abuse. The key is forgiveness. It releases you so you, too, can overcome whatever obstacles stand in your way.

I now live my life singing to the glory of God. I have a new hit Single called “I Know Who I Am.” I had to learn that I am a victor, not a victim. I’m a winner and I’m a champion. I walk in favor and in the release of an open heaven. I was just blessed to sing on Bobby Jones Gospel Show in March of 2011 and it aired on the Word Network. My husband is my manager, and my biggest supporter. We travel the country singing and telling everyone about the goodness of Jesus. I know who I am.

I don’t let negative people stop me. When they try, I work harder. When they laugh, I push more, until they see clearly the evidence, right in front of their face. Even if I fail at helping people to feel the amazing power of Christ’s love, at least I tried. I don’t try to make people happy that are not followers. I make the people that follow happy. When the curious onlookers peek in, they get a life changing experience that speaks to their spirit.

Here are some of the lessons I have learned:

·         Love yourself!
·         Love your body - it’s yours and yours alone, and no matter what size you are, you are blessed by God as a beautiful being.
·         By all means, love and release the gifts that flow in you. Let the world see how God has blessed you and given you gifts. He has blessed everyone with a gift.

I love the Lord and I am so grateful for all the many talents he has entrusted to me. He has truly taken me from a past of darkness and despair, to a present of light and triumph. If he can do that for me, he can do it for you, too.

If you are interested in any of Michelle's products, she can be reached at or To purchase her New CD single, and the album that will be released in June 2011, please go to If you would like to book her as a singer or as a speaker to teens or women’s groups, please contact Jay Williams 518-238-5280.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul with us.
    Imani Evans
    Women Healing Women, Inc.